Photography student Cody Hamilton won not just a gold and bronze award for his photography but he also took home “The best in show” award, totaling in 3 Addy awards from The Adverting Federation of RDU.

Cody has worked hard to get where is now. With the knowledge he has learned at Living Arts, Cody has now the top professional skills to obtain any job that comes his way in Photography!

Congrats Cody!



The Interactive Media students had the opportunity to visit the highly successful company SAS! Located in Cary, NC on their campus lies a multimedia department and a graphic design department. We met with their Designers, James Rushing and Ed Harris (alumni of Living Arts College). They were gracious to give us a full tour of their studio. The students learned what type of software they use, their pipeline, and the thought process to get SAS colleagues engaged at these tradeshows. This was a fantastic tour, and the students learned many facets within SAS. Thank you so much James and Ed for a very insightful tour! A few quotes from our student’s perspective: “SAS offers great incentives for its employees and I hope to work for a company that takes such high concern for their employees.” – Beth Ann Seiberling “One of the things that I learned about SAS is the software they use to produce their products. There was also a presentation of their work they send out to tradeshows. They explained to us about deadlines, and how much time it takes to create certain products.” – Kim Townsend