You May Be Surprised By How Many Career Paths Appear After Photography School

photography degree

If you have a passion for photography, visual arts, and creativity, you may be wondering how you can translate a practice that you enjoy and excel at into a career with long-term traction. After all, no one wants to be a struggling artist!

Fortunately, photography is an incredibly versatile discipline that offers qualified professionals many exciting and lucrative career options. To learn more about some of the directions you can take after earning your photography degree, keep reading.

photography school
Capture lively images for many purposes as a professional photographer

Jump Into The World of Photojournalism After Photography School

One common path for photographers who enjoy on-the-ground work and a fast-paced environment is photojournalism. Photojournalists are professional photographers who capture breaking news, major cultural phenomena, weather events, and more through their photography for print, online, and television outlets.

Like many other types of journalists, photojournalists often start out freelancing for many different publications as they build their professional networks and portfolios. Action-packed and challenging, this can be an incredibly engaging and rewarding career for individuals who want to use their photography skills to tell real-world stories as they unfold.

Express Effective Advertising Messaging When You Learn Photography

Another area of work in which photography skills can be incredibly valuable is advertising and other forms of promotional media. Many of the leading photography programs know this, and allow students to pursue coursework that will specifically prepare them for success in this kind of career.

For example, at Living Arts College (LAC), photography degree students take a course called Advertising Photography, which helps them fine-tune their skills and learn to apply them to the advertising industry. If you have a knack for persuasive messaging, advertising could be an excellent post-college career path for you.

learn photography
Help businesses make their products look enticing to customers with advertising photography

Make Your Mark in the Fashion Industry With Your Photography School Skills

Photography can also be an excellent discipline to study if you want to find an outlet for your other artistic interests through your work. For instance, many photography school graduates go on to pursue careers in fashion photography, combining their image capturing skills with their love for the latest trends.

LAC offers specialized fashion photography training as part of its courses, which can be an excellent opportunity for fashion-forward students to begin preparing for this line of work, or to discover an interest in fashion they never knew they had. While fashion is an incredibly competitive industry, photographers with good qualifications and impressive portfolios always have a chance of breaking in.

photography degree
Combine your love for fashion with your photography skills after completing your degree

Capture Unique Images With a Career in Portrait Photography

Finally, it is worth keeping the classic photographic career in mind: portrait photography. Shooting group photos, birth announcements, engagements, and more, portrait photographers have the unique responsibility of capturing important moments in people’s lives.

learn photography
Portrait photography lets you use your skills to capture important personal moments for clients

If you enjoy working closely one-on-one with clients, capturing simple but poignant images, and working independently, then pursuing portrait photography may be an enjoyable career path for you.

Even if none of these options seem completely right for you, there are still endless other possibilities to explore, such as nature photography, architecture and real estate photography, and much more. No matter what your strengths or interests, you are sure to find a niche as a photographer after completing your degree.

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