Turning Your Passion into a Career: How to Choose the Right Interactive Media College for Success

interactive media college

For talented, creative individuals with a flair for design and visuals, interactive media is a great career choice. With many opportunities available in various sectors for professionals with graphic design training, you will have the chance to do interesting, artistically fulfilling work while earning a competitive salary.

Choosing the right program of study is a very important part of laying the foundation for a successful career in interactive media. Keep reading to learn more about what characteristics you should look for in a college in order to ensure that you have the best possible preparation for the graphic design world.

Focus On New Media for a Successful Career

As we move into an increasingly digital age, the media landscape has changed dramatically, ushering in what many now refer to as “new media.” New media has been defined in many ways, but is most commonly understood as forms of media that are native to the digital environment, as opposed to “old media” like print publications, television, and radio.

Graphic designers need to be intimately familiar with new media to thrive in their careers
Graphic designers need to be intimately familiar with new media to thrive in their careers

In order to best prepare you for success in the graphic design industry, developing marketable skills in new media is absolutely essential. When looking for an interactive media college, seek out programs that train students in the latest new media practices. For example, the program at Living Arts College structures its entire interactive media program around preparing students for digital design work in new media.

Attend an Interactive Media College With Elite Instructors

Instructor competence can make all the difference in your graphic design training. Especially in such a hands-on, practice-based discipline, learning from professionals who have the practical and theoretical background to which you aspire will help you be confident that you are getting what you need from your interactive media degree.

Look carefully at the qualifications and work experience of the instructors at different interactive media schools you are considering applying to. For the best quality instruction, you should look for programs that employ instructors who have postgraduate qualifications like master’s or PhD degrees. However, you should also make sure that these high-level qualifications do not indicate that a program is too theoretical – you want to learn from the best, but in a studio-level environment that offers real practical training.

A studio-level environment will help you produce work to a professional standard
A studio-level environment will help you produce work to a professional standard

Look for an Interactive Media Program That Offers Education Beyond Graduation

The interactive media industry is fast-paced and evolves quickly. As you finish your interactive media course and move into your graphic design career, you may find that the industry continues to change in ways that require new knowledge or skills, and that you need to do additional training occasionally to keep pace with the latest trends.

The best interactive media programs are aware that these challenges face many graphic design professionals, and will offer options to help their alumni continue to flourish in their careers upon graduation. For example, Living Arts College offers refresher courses that are open to former students even after their program is over. This provides an excellent way for you to keep your skills sharp throughout your graphic design career, helping you stay ahead of the pack in the race for career success.

Are you looking for the perfect school to kick-start your career in interactive media?

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Film student Dylan Powers has had his film “Unravel” officially selected to be screened at the Longleaf Film Festival. Dylan wrote, directed, and edited the film. He had a small crew that assisted with the sound and filming of his film. It can be very challenging to get a film accepted into a film festival, which Dylan has achieved. Dylan is a current film student at Living Arts College and is working hard on his next film. Congrats Dylan!



The Interactive Media students had the opportunity to visit the highly successful company SAS! Located in Cary, NC on their campus lies a multimedia department and a graphic design department. We met with their Designers, James Rushing and Ed Harris (alumni of Living Arts College). They were gracious to give us a full tour of their studio. The students learned what type of software they use, their pipeline, and the thought process to get SAS colleagues engaged at these tradeshows. This was a fantastic tour, and the students learned many facets within SAS. Thank you so much James and Ed for a very insightful tour! A few quotes from our student’s perspective: “SAS offers great incentives for its employees and I hope to work for a company that takes such high concern for their employees.” – Beth Ann Seiberling “One of the things that I learned about SAS is the software they use to produce their products. There was also a presentation of their work they send out to tradeshows. They explained to us about deadlines, and how much time it takes to create certain products.” – Kim Townsend